Why OS X Lion sucks
Aug, 25

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First of all: I really love my mac and I love OSX! I really used my former Mac with Snow Leopard installed on it like no other computer or device, because there was a really great simplicity and neat UI Design.


What the heck did they do with Lion? The first time I looked at it I thought, that it might be quite nice. The first time I used it, I thought, that it’s cool, but not that great step to the future. Now I used it for more than a month and i think: „what the heck?“

Okay. very long intro – here some few various facts:

1. Finder Icons

Screen Shot 2011 08 25 at 9 26 16 PM

Okay. I understand the following principles: „Make it more simple.“ / „Focus on the content.“ That is shit. In this case it is very important for the user, that you have some kind of a recognition value. I want to use the Finder-Interface as fast and efficient as possible. For an efficient sidebar on the one hand responsible is the continuous order of the icons+text. On the other hand it is/was the color combined with the form of the icon. Now its gone. But yeah, it’s more simpler. Here it is: simple != efficient.

2.  (small thing) Window Buttons


And again. Efficiency. For example: Under OSX the menubar, where you can access nearly all features of a application is on the top of the screen. This makes it efficient. You don’t have to point there, you just take your mouse cursor and throw him to the top of the screen. It hits the menubar.

The new „window-control-buttons“ are harder to hit than before. They are smaller. But why? They are very important for users who don’t use their entire OS with the keyboard. But yeah, sure – it looks better. It is an operating system, not a portfolio for an photographer.

3. New „Spaces“


First of all, there are full screen apps now. Every full screen app has like its own space. So there is my surf space (or called desktop now), my graphic apps space and my coding space. Plus all those fullscreen apps. How do I navigate to another space? With Snow Leopard I had my shortcuts like alt+1, alt+2, alt+3 – Now, depending on how much fullscreen apps you have running, you have something like up to 5, 6 or even more spaces. I don’t want to press alt+6, its like breaking my fingers – and I can’t even find the settings how to set up the shortcuts within Lion.

But Apple has the solution right from the scratch. Making the spaces sorting automatically. I really don’t want that. Okay. How about making a very simple and obvious solution? Sort your spaces manually within Mission Control. Not possible!

4. (smaller thing) Start where you left

Lions new „feature“ for Apps to start them like you quit them is quite a mess. I’ll just make one, simple example here:

Im opening 100 pictures from a CD with the Preview.app. I’m done looking at them, I close Preview.app with CMD+Q. There is another folder with another 100 pictures on the CD and I’m opening them with the Preview.app. What happens? Preview.app opens – The first thing I’m seeing is the 100 pictures of the folder I looked at 5 minutes ago. What the …? I want to see the pictures I just opened.

5. Dock Unread Count Indicator

Screen Shot 2011 08 25 at 9 56 07 PM

See the unread count on Sparrow? Now? Me neither. Really Apple, what happened right here? Not all people on the world leave the Dock settings on their Mac untouched. But yeah, bring something „good“ of the iPad „back to the mac“.

For now. That’s it. Don’t take it too serious. All in all it is my personal opinion mixed up with some knowledge I acquired the last few years. But it’s some kind of frustrating, that Apple isn’t really loving the Details any more on the desktop operating system. They’re trying to make it all more like a big metaphor, with fancy textures on the iCal bar or an Address Book with fancy, glossy buttons and textures and inverse scrolling. But they ain’t love the details any more.

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16 Responses to Why OS X Lion sucks

  1. Ono says:

    Hey Marcel,
    didn’t use Lion so far, but you have your points.
    But what about performance and functionality?
    Is the upgrade worth it?

    greetz Ono

  2. Ben says:

    Start where you left – FAIL!
    1. Performance get’s better after deactivating the resume option (I’m using Lion with an older Mac Book Pro i7 – I have to get the most out of Lion’s performance).
    2. When I’m closing my Safari Windows I want them gone! Unfortunately there’s no separate option for safari. The only way to open Safari with a new Window is to deactivate the whole resume option
    3. Some of my Apps didn’t get it. They still think they should recreate the session.
    (4. If I wanted to start where I left … couldn’t I just save (bookmark) an quit?! OR just minimize it?! For me and my way to use a mac it makes no sense “Resume”)

    The new iTunes
    Since when does iTunes start with the iTunes Store open?
    Every time I open iTunes they want me to buy anything … imagine walking into your kitchen and there sits a friendly grocer waiting for you – Every single day … and every day you to tell him: “I don’t need groceries. I already bought them. You can now leave. If I want to buy anything I’ll let you know.” And he keeps returning …

    It’s a love-hate relationship with me and my lion …

  3. MonkeyDrone says:

    Lion OSX is by far the most annoying OS from Apple. I thought the flexibility of the OS in Snow Leapord sucked. After using lion OSX for 3 days , i’m back on Snow Leapord and loving whatever flexibility it offers me! Lion broke a few of my apps and It also broke my wimax internet connection! Lion is not my thing, and the way things are going. Probably won’t be ever!

  4. Adi says:

    “With Snow Leopard I had my shortcuts like alt+1, alt+2, alt+3 – Now, depending on how much fullscreen apps you have running, you have something like up to 5, 6 or even more spaces. I don’t want to press alt+6, its like breaking my fingers – and I can’t even find the settings how to set up the shortcuts within Lion.”

    This thing still works… even when you’re in indesign. The problem there is that with the alt-key and the left/right arrows you’re supposed to finetune your kerning… stupid thing switches between spaces now… not that cool… drives me nuts all the time ;)

  5. djgargantus says:

    I love OSX Lion, but if i had not got a new macbook pro with multitouch to navigate through all the new features then i imagine it would a nightmare to navigate around. The full screen apps are amazing with multitouch gestures but without multi touch it would probably do my head in.

  6. Sigmund says:

    I googled “OS Lion sucks” and was relieved to find numerous links. That’s all I wanted to say. 

    • William Burke says:

      You are too kind. Mountain Lion REEKS. I have experience a couple dozen major bugs, and two updates have not addressed a single issue. And I bought a brand new iMac with ML pre-installed.

      The worst so far is that posts vanish into nothingness in mid-post, and I must begin all over again.

      I absolutely HATE Mountain Lion.

  7. Toddsmth301 says:

    I agree, Lion Sucks. BIG TIME.  For me, the straw that broke the camel’s back was a complete lack of support for “Power PC Applications” so all those “older” Mac Programs that you were running (not even in a virtual Windows environment, but on your Mac OSX suddenly stop working overnight when you upgrade.

    And, I have my entire iTunes library on a NAS drive (Network Attached Storage Drive – think USB drive that plugs into your router) and Apple also decided to drop support for Samba which all the NAS drives have been using for years.  All of a sudden I can’t connect to my NAS drive.  That sucks big time.

    I’ve also found performance on my Macbook Pro 13 inch 2010 model to be woeful. Even with added ram.

    As a result, I finally cracked yesterday and have wiped my hard drive and gone back to Snow Leopard.  It wasn’t an easy job as I didn’t make a time machine backup before I leapt onto Lion.  Hey, it’s Apple right what could go wrong?  Doh!!

    I’m so happy being back on Snow Leopard.  Anyone thinking of going onto Lion, seriously ask yourself is it worth it?  Yeah, full screen apps, (some of which also suck) – new gestures, mission control, launchpad (highly over-rated and I hardly ever used it) – yes you get that, but compared to the pain you have to endure using Lion, I would seriously think twice.  And definitely think twice if you use a NAS or run Power PC applications.

    We can only hope Mountain Lion is the big leap forward that Apple’s Vista equivalent should’ve been!!

  8. Ed says:

    This is the first time I’ve particularly noticed new features of a MAc OS – in a bad way.  With Snow Leopard, I could have dozens of windows open and hit a hot corner to splay them all out and instantly switch between different windows in different aps.  Not possible in Lion.  In the SL windows, I could look at the bottom to see how many items there were in a window to know instantly if everything had copied from another drive, or such.  Not anymore.  Can’t even see the scroll bar to tell if you’re looking at everything in a window or not.  

    I’ve heard people gripe every time a system changes – bit this time, I honestly get more done faster working on my old computer at home than using my new one at work.  It’s not a question of a learning curve for new functionality – rather, missing old functionality that’s been stripped away.

  9. Artguy7 says:

    I Downloaded Lion on my laptop when it came out. I put off loading it on my work computer because the “finder” SUCKED!!! This was one of the best things that apple had going for them. Windows’ search didn’t work either ,but at least you got to watch a stupid search hound scratch his butt. I finally broke down and loaded Lion on my work computer because my mac mail would not work without the upgrade. I’m trying to figure this finder window out, and I’m quite literally about to break down and cry. I’m doing searches in my mail window for words in subject lines that I know exist ,and no results. 

  10. Ole says:

    I fully agree. I have been a BIG lover of Apple product, but OSX Lion is a real mess. Dont mention Preview and Text Edit without Save As……. ????? Incredible stupid.

  11. Openhuman says:

    You nailed it. And Moutain Lion makes it even worse…Who needs fancy cloud features. Just for having it in first place if you want to save a document really sucks.

  12. 2600 says:

    Man I totally agree… this makes me wonder if Steve was really running the whole decision making process. Ever since he’s been gone Apple has REALLY been screwing up. Mountain Lion and now IOS7, it’s killing me slowly. The spaces solution is seriously 10 steps backwards. Half the time I have no idea what is on which space or how many spaces I have. It’s like digging through a messy folder of random papers to find the one I want. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!?

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